-   All packages under 150Lbs can be sent to the office address

-   All packages over 150Lbs and ALL Palletized freight ship to Arizona Hydrogen/ C/O Burn-A-Rod Welding: 4048 E. Air Lane Phoenix, AZ 85034

The most practical and safest way to ship a gas generator instrument is by motor freight (truck).

ALWAYS REMOVE ALL LIQUIDS from the gas generator and the booster before packaging for shipment. The gas generator gas outlet tube on the front panel of the chassis MUST be sealed off with appropriate cork or plug to prevent any residual traces of electrolyte whatever from leaking out. The filler cup MUST be snug on the filter tube for shipping. The electrolyte, which is powerfully caustic, will corrode the instrument badly if it leaks out in transit and should be flushed completely from machine.

ALWAYS pack the instrument in a strong, rigid, oversized box and surround the instrument generously with resilient supporting material which will NOT compress or pack down in transit.

Equipment turned in to the factory should be shipped "freight prepaid".

If requested, when equipment is returned for repair or servicing, cost for the work required will be quoted by the factory for acceptance in advance by the customer. Normally, any repair can be completed at the factory within one week from receipt of a customer's authorization to proceed.

U.S. Department of Transportation regulations covering hazardous materials place the burden of responsibility for safe packaging upon the shipper. These regulations also require that the package be properly labeled to identify any hazardous material contained inside.



Arizona Hydrogen Manufacturing, Inc is a UPS Certified Hazardous/Dangerous goods shipper. We comply with 49 CFR and IATA standards. UPS charges an automatic $20.00 Hazmat fee per box/per chemical (Electrolyte & Booster Fluid cannot be shipped in the same box). This is why we have a 2 quart minimum order. If you are shipped Electrolyte Fluid or Solid or Booster Fluid without this fee from another manufacturer or distributor, it is illegal and potentially life threatening to anyone who may come in contact with this undeclared hazardous material. Any responsible company will ship Hazmat according to Government standards (49CFR).