Extensive testing has indicated that users can achieve trouble free performance by observing certain maintenance procedures as follows:

  1. Add distilled water to generator tank daily BEFORE start up.
  2. Add booster fuel (methanol) to booster daily BEFORE start up.
  3. Exercise filler cap riser piston twice a week BEFORE start up.
  4. Clearn booster out weekly.
  5. Clean or change filter element monthly.
  6. Lubricate filler cap riser piston cylinder walls monthly with a very thin film of silicone grease. This will also lubricate the O-ring.
  7. Change filter gaskets, filler cap gasket, and booster cap gasket semi-annually.
  8. Send equipment in to the factory for safety inspection, cleanout, hose and gasket replacement and test running every 18 months or 2,000 hours use, whichever shall first occur, or sooner if an operational problem should develop.