Arizona Hydrogen ManufacturingThe Arizona Hydrogen Flame/Fuel Generator makes its own hydrogen and oxygen gasses from distilled water and burns them in a torch producing a 6000º F. flame. No separate tanks of fuel gasses are required.

This safe torch makes an ideal tool for welding, brazing, soldering, drilling, cutting, polishing and annealing for metals, ceramics, glass and plastics. All at an operating cost of just pennies per hour.

The Flame/Fuel Generator internally produces hydrogen and oxygen gasses from the distilled water fuel, utilizing the electrolytic process. The gasses are generated naturally in the two-to-one ratio needed for efficient flame combustion.

Ordinary 110 or 220V AC power is converted to DC and used in the separation process. The line voltage is regulated through a step-down transformer with the voltage control to produce the desired rate of gas generation.

By varying torch tip size and gas pressure, the flame length may be adjusted from .01" to 6" through tips with openings from .003" to .062". With this flexibility, the Arizona Hydrogen Flame/Fuel Generator is especially useful in applications where clean burning and close flame control are needed. With gas production and pressure easily adjustable, regardless of tip size, and the high temperature generated, the Flame/Fuel Generator is well suited for welding and fusing platinum, copper, beryllium, nichrome, Chromel and other hard-to-handle metals.

Among the Flame/Fuel Generator's applications are thermo-couple manufacture, annealing, spot welding, connecting terminals, soldering and plastic/acrylic polishing & lost wax investment casting.

For applications where torch temperatures of less than 6000º F. are needed, an optional alcohol Booster is available. The introduction of alcohol vapor lowers flame temperature to 4000-4500º F., while increasing BTU output. Even lower temperatures may be achieved by varying flame size, varying flame distance and application time. Fluxes may be added to the Booster and fed directly into the flame for ease in soldering gold and silver, silver brazing and soft solder applications. The Flame/Fuel Generator is equally easy to use for glass polishing and hole drilling in quartz and ceramics, as well as in metal cutting. The wide range of torch tip sizes and the regulation of gas pressure allows use with metals from .0005" to a .25" thickness. This is obviously for small work. Our torch tips are actually blunted off hypodermic needles.

The Arizona Hydrogen Flame/Fuel Generator has wide acceptance throughout the industrial, electronics, jewelry manufacturing, laboratory, orthodontic, glass, ceramics and plastics industries. Among the seven models offered with varying gas production capacities, there's a Flame Generator that's just right for your application, too. For complete details on ordering and continuing maintenance, call the factory direct at 602-275-4126.