Booster Dryer

Booster Dryer
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The MGBD-150/300 Booster/Dryer is designed specifically for use with the MG-150 and MG-300 Flame Generators, as well as the older models of large capacity hydrogen-producing equipment. The Booster Dryer is a compact technically advanced gas dryer designed especially to remove unwanted moisture from hydrogen and oxygen gas produced by the MG-150 and MG-300 Flame Generators. A unique drying system featuring precooler, booster/cooler and water trap, the Booster Dryer eliminates the most aggravating shortcoming of electrolytic generators-moisture in the gas lines.

Mixed gas from the gas-out fitting on the front of the gas generator enters the Booster Dryer chassis via a barbed tube fitting. Within the chassis, gas enters a pre-cooler which has a fan blowing across it. In the pre-cooler assembly, gas temperature is reduced from as much as 55° -60°C (130°-140°F) to ambient (room) temperature. To achieve further temperature reduction, gas flows from the pre-cooler assembly to the booster assembly. Here, gas flows through coils, reducing gas temperature an additional 4° to 5°C (7°-9°F). The gas then bubbles through the booster fluid and out to the torch handpiece.

The overall reduction in gas temperatures from well above ambient allows the moisture contained in the gas to be almost entirely eliminated. Water collected in the water trap is drained via a ball valve. This recovered fluid may be used to replenish the cell fluid level.



Less down time on the production environment to clear torch lines.

Prevents flame blowout due to water in the torch line.

Eliminates contamination of materials due to spitting of condensed water vapor in the lines.



Size: 153 x 254 x 254 mm (6" x 10" x 10")

Weight: 7.3 kg (16 lbs)

Booster Capacity: 500 ml (16.5 oz)

Booster Consumption Rate: 30 ml/hr (1 oz)

Water Trap Capacity: 500 ml (16.5 oz)

Power Requirements: 16 A 100/120 VAC 50/60 Hz